Wedding Invitation Templates

The design of wedding invitations is a significant element of the event. Original, properly designed invitations are more than just a manifestation of care and respect towards guests. This attribute is an integral part of the marriage ritual, which you should definitely take care of. A unique and eye-catching invitation can make this event even brighter. Therefore, it is critically important to choose the right design, material, and typography.

Invitation Design

When developing a design for wedding invitations, you need to take into account some nuances. It is important to understand that the style of the invitation directly depends on the look and feel of the event. 

Besides that, not only the text talks about the upcoming event — the colors and layouts of the cards tell a lot about the reason for the celebration. It is no wonder that creating a design for wedding invitations is a painstaking and responsible job. First, you need to designate the palette (choose primary and secondary colors). Then, you are to make sure that the color scheme corresponds to the status of the event. It is optimal to choose gentle tones that people associate with love, loyalty, and purity (blue, white, blue, pink, etc.).

Be sure to indicate the date and time of the event, as well as the names of the recipients and senders on the invitation. This will give the card an element of formality. Wedding invitations can be supplemented with thematic images (a pair of doves, rings, ribbons, etc.). This will add attractiveness and indicate the type of celebration planned.

Create Wedding Invitations Yourself

You can become a real master of invitation design. It is enough to use online constructors. They allow you to quickly create cards of any style. Online editors and programs offer thousands of layouts and templates that can be modified as per your needs:

  1. Choose an invitation template from the suggested list;
  2. Decide on the background. It can be neutral or catchy, solid or textured, depending on the type of event. Some editors allow you to add thematic images or photos as backgrounds;
  3. Choose primary and secondary colors;
  4. Think over the text of the invitation and enter it in the corresponding windows of the template;
  5. Add additional elements to create a special look and feel (pictures, symbols, etc.);
  6. Make adjustments to text and placement of parts (if necessary);
  7. Download the final invitation.

An electronic invitation card can be printed and sent to all invited people. Alternatively, you can send it in the original form on social networks or instant messengers.

Make It Authentic

Wedding invitations are more than just a pretty information card that says the date, address, and time of your wedding ceremony. Invitations reflecting the style of the event help guests to feel the concept of your wedding.

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